5 Scents for Summer

5 Scents for Summer

As the calendar inches closer to June 20th, the feeling of summer becomes almost tangible. The days are longer, the sun is brighter, and a sense of excitement fills the air. With summer just around the corner, it's time to refresh not only our wardrobes, but also our fragrance collections. The right perfume can capture the essence of summer, with scents that remind us of sandy beaches, blooming gardens, and sun-kissed skin. To help you make the most of this vibrant season, we’ve picked out five amazing perfumes that are perfect for summer. Let's dive into our top recommendations and find your perfect summer scent!

Blu Mare - Giardini di Toscana

Imagine the sun's rays dancing on the waves, the gentle rhythm of the sea calming your senses, and the refreshing smell of a pine forest by the beach. Blu Mare captures this feeling with notes of lemon, cypress, sea breeze, and amber. It’s a scent that embodies the calm and refreshing essence of the Mediterranean coast.  

Arancia di Sicilia - Perris Monte Carlo

This fragrance brings the true Mediterranean summer feeling with notes of Sicilian orange, vanilla, and musk. Arancia di Sicilia combines the warmth and sweetness of ripe oranges with a creamy, comforting base. The bright citrus notes are vibrant and energizing, while the vanilla and musk add a soft undertone. Perfect for those who dream of sunny citrus groves and long, relaxing days, this perfume will transport you to a serene Mediterranean getaway every time you wear it.

Tel Aviv - Gallivant

For lovers of citrus with a floral hint, Tel Aviv is the perfect match. With notes of bergamot, ylang-ylang, clementine, and musk, this perfume is a refreshing blend of crisp citrus and soft floral notes. The bergamot and clementine provide a zesty opening, while the ylang-ylang adds a delicate touch. It's like a summer breeze in a bottle, capturing the lively and modern spirit of Tel Aviv, perfect for adding a bit of sunshine to your day.

Sex-Sea - Lorenzo Pazzaglia

With a name as fun as its scent, Sex-Sea combines various citrus fruits, fig, and sea notes. This perfume evokes the salty smell of the sea on warm skin, bringing to mind lazy beach days. It’s a playful and sensual fragrance, perfect for sultry summer nights by the ocean. The fresh citrus and sweet fig blend beautifully with the lingering sea notes, creating a touch of seaside magic for your summer adventures.

Miami Tropical Confessions - City Rhythm

Miami Tropical Confessions captures the feeling of relaxed and tropical coastal living. With notes of Coconut milk, Lime, Hibiscus, and Sandalwood, this scent brings the tropical and vibrant vibe of Miami. The bright and zesty lime is refreshing, while a hint of Hibiscus and Coconut Milk adds calmness, representing the city’s laid-back vibe. Perfect for those who love the easy-going, sun-drenched lifestyle of Miami.

Embrace the summer spirit with these five amazing perfumes. Each one is crafted to enhance your summer experiences, making every moment a little more special. Find your perfect summer scent and let it take you to your favorite sunny escape. Use code 10SUMMER for 10% off these fragrances. Happy Summer!

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