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Gift packaging - PetitParfums

Gift packaging - PetitParfums

Discover the ideal gift for perfume lovers: our Petit Parfums Travel Spray gift box!

Delivered as standard in a timeless white box, but with the option to add your own message!



✓ Protection: Our Travelspray has a high-quality aluminum housing that not only exudes modernity, but also protects your precious scent from the rigors of travel or an overcrowded bag!

✓ Trust: Say goodbye to worries about leaking decants. .With a perfectly fitting glass bottle, carefully sealed in the aluminum housing, you can go out worry-free without your perfume escaping.

✓ Increased Convenience: Compact and light, your Travelspray fits effortlessly in your handbag, backpack or pocket. It's really great that you don't have to worry about a cap, you can open it effortlessly!

✓ Personal Expression: Show your individuality even when you're on the go. The Travelspray is not just a carrier for your scent; it's a canvas for your personal style. Available in a range of chic colours, it allows you to show your personality.


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